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It Might Not Take a Village....

I stepped outside our farmhouse bright and early this morning just in time to see two adolescent grackles falling from the sky. "Grackles", in case you didn't know, are like blackbirds. They are loud, screechy, and plentiful in Nebraska. This particular pair had just been booted from their nest and were flopping about in my front yard. Two adult birds were overhead, squawking and watching from the safety of the trees.....
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Digging a Hole to China

Most homeschoolers know that you can't dig a hole to China.. but try explaining to your 3-year-old why you can't dig one to hell. ( I think we need to put a kabash on the Tom and Jerry cartoons) This is going to be a long summer:
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Do You Blog in Your Pajamas?

(Photo by Chaparral [Kendra] via Flickr)

I see so many blog graphics with the WAHM in their pajamas. Do people really work that way? Or is it a treasured caricature of what we think we look like?
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Double-Check Those Links!

(Photo by Kafka4Prez via Flickr.)

I don't know why I don't do more of this myself... but after this week, I will never skip it!