Double-Check Those Links!

(Photo by Kafka4Prez via Flickr.)

I don't know why I don't do more of this myself... but after this week, I will never skip it!

I send hyperlinks in many of my emails, include them in my resume, and sport them on my website. Most of them are links to past work, newspaper mentions, and my current projects. Today, I was alerted to the fact that one of my links to a Buffalo News piece was outdated. Apparently the story was archived, and it could no longer be accessed except through paid access. Bummer.

Lucky for me, a client was working on a press kit, and scored a screen-shot for my records. I vowed to ALWAYS capture screen-shots of my media mentions. It is ignorant to assume that they will always be there. I will also take time weekly to double-check my links against being outdated.

Things could have been worse. I'll tell you how:

A good friend and colleague of mine asked me to review a friend's resume. It was a favor, and I promised I would check it out later in the week and provide a little feedback. Less than a minute after I received the document, I got another email... "Check out the blog... @ www..." You get the picture. I could tell this little message was handpecked from a Blackberry or something. So I clicked the link. Then I screamed.

It's not that I'm naive. I've seen web P*rn. Unfortunately, it used to pop-up more frequently (back when web security and ad blocker were in their infancy.) However, I was not prepared for this, and my 3 year-old son was next to me. He didn't notice, but I sure did. WOW! Was this really this chick's blog? If so, she could probably skip the resume. Her photos said it all....

I shot an email back to my friend. "Dude, Are you kidding me? Just checked out your friend's blog." He replied, "I know it's bad. It has only been up for a week." Uh... don't think we're looking at the same blog. (Besides, Little Miss Webcam had her site up for years...)

He's obviously offsite, so I'll send an email later. Should've checked his links. Could have easily happened to me.


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