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Preparing for Maternity Leave (Or any other time off)... When you Freelance

(Cookie break, anyone?)

In just a week, I'll have brought child #5 into the world, and unlike past jobs (where I can just put in my request for sick leave and go), I really struggled with how to plan for time off as a freelancer.  On one hand, it's dependent entirely on when I feel like taking a break (no need for a doctor's note!)  On the other, if I don't work -- I don't get paid!  (So taking off too early will just kill me 30-60 days down the road.)

I've learned some valuable lessons from this experience, however, which have better prepared me for future life events that would warrant me taking weeks of from work (a vacation, maybe?)  Here are the important bits:

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Publishing Notes for May 27th, 2010

Here is a roundup of my most recent published articles from across the web.  Enjoy!

Babies.com (AOL Partner)Baby Travel Items: What to Take When You're on the Road
Yahoo! Shine - 6 Play Date Rules for Friendlier Fun

Tom's Guide - 15 Tech Tricks to Teach a 5-year-old
My Life Scoop - 7 Apps That Inspire Positive Thinking
Wise Bread - How (And Why) To Make Good Pan Gravy
Lille Punkin' Reviews - Review of Bar-S Products
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Update on AOL Seed

As most of you know, I've been playing around with one of the newest "Freelance" opportunities: AOL Seed.  You can read my experience with signing up and submitting posts in that previous post.

Since that time, I've had a total of two more articles accepted and paid for.  Here is how it happened:
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Sunday Side Up

 (Look how orange the yolks are!)

Some people just don't believe how wonderful chickens are.  Their personalities alone make them perfect companions for small farms, homesteads, and urban areas where they are allowed.  I'll admit I didn't always feel this way about them.  They poop.  A lot.  But with that poop comes greener grass.  They also keep the bug population under control, aerate my lawn, and provide the best eggs even God himself could imagine.
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Can You Make Money Writing for AOL Seed?

(Flickr photo by Peter Kaminski)

I admit to, until recently, having no clue that AOL Seed even existed. I had heard about it on a MediaBistro message board, and decided to check it out. I am fairly familiar with the set up -- other sites have tried to lure freelancers in with the promise of "possibly" publishing their works (after they've submitted a completed article and was deemed the best out of all the contenders.)
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Why Dine Alone?

My kids often eat outside when it's nice. (It saves me from scrubbing the floors so often.) This, however, was not my idea. It sure beats dining alone!