Sunday Side Up

 (Look how orange the yolks are!)

Some people just don't believe how wonderful chickens are.  Their personalities alone make them perfect companions for small farms, homesteads, and urban areas where they are allowed.  I'll admit I didn't always feel this way about them.  They poop.  A lot.  But with that poop comes greener grass.  They also keep the bug population under control, aerate my lawn, and provide the best eggs even God himself could imagine.

This coffee can of eggs is the reason I love them most:

See how brown, clean, and perfect they are?  (You won't find eggs this clean from the insides of a commercial egg farm.  Only chickens that have the space to lay in one place and poop in another will spare you the burden of scrubbing off the worst stuff possible.)  A gentle wiping of the egg before they are put into cartons is all they usually need.  (And some folks let them sit in a pretty basket on the counter for a week or more while they are being consumed.  No need to refrigerate the perfect food!)

With close to 50 hens a little over a year old (and two very busy, happy roosters), we see quite a few eggs in return of our feed investment (which is surprisingly low now that the local feed store discounts bags with holes in them.)  They also get scraps of suitable table food, bugs, and, of course, whatever vegetation they want from the yard.  At this point, they have left my flower garden pretty much alone.


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