Update on AOL Seed

As most of you know, I've been playing around with one of the newest "Freelance" opportunities: AOL Seed.  You can read my experience with signing up and submitting posts in that previous post.

Since that time, I've had a total of two more articles accepted and paid for.  Here is how it happened:

Article #1 was another "tips" article.  All they asked for was a brief 100 words or so about a hotel tip.  It took awhile for them to finally respond, however, because the due date on this was really far out from the time I wrote it up.  I got a notification email that they had purchased it.  All in all, a quick $10 for about 7 minutes of my time, and it will be included in a big bunch of tips on Gadling.

Article #2, I didn't have to compete for.  Once in awhile, AOL Seed has an open call for writers to be on call for assigned articles.  Just a few days after I signed up for the Seed network, I saw a call for Parenting writers, and was able to submit a bio, background, and writing samples (which didn't take much time -- since this is something all writers should have ready to go at a moment's notice, anyway.)  Within a few days, I had heard that I was assigned my first article, which they gave me until the end of the week to complete, along with very impressive specs (no need to guess what they were asking for).  For around 500 words, I would get $40 for a very evergreen topic that required no research on my part, and just a basic knowledge of SEO.  This article took me a bit longer than 30 minutes to write (SEO took longer than the writing), and it was approved for payment within the week.

My impression of AOL Seed has improved favorably.  If you can write to the style they like, it seems like a great opportunity.  The pay is not the most fabulous, but if you can stick to topics that come naturally to you, you can easily pound out a quality article at your chosen hourly rate AND get a byline on an AOL network site (which is always good for the 'ol portfolio.)

One other fabulous perk to contributing to the Seed network?  The payment.  You can choose to be paid via PayPal or (in my case) direct deposit.  They pay you before you actually get published, and your payment is processed almost immediately.  (No waiting for some insane $50 - 100 threshold before you can "cash out.")

Kudos to AOL Seed for giving me a nice (and quick) way to toss a little extra cash in the bank account before my next baby comes!


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