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5 Signs Your Client Has Jumped the Shark

 (Photo by miusam-ck via Flickr)

You may have built an amazing relationship with a client in a very short time, or maybe they are someone you’ve been with since the very beginning.  In either case, odds are great that you’ll be working with a client at the very moment they “jump the shark.”  This doesn’t mean you can’t continue to work with them (most of us still need to eat, don’t we?)  Knowing the signs in advance, however, can better equip you to revise your business strategy, prepare for the worst, and fill in the gaps where needed.
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Writing Samples Are Not "Free" Samples

 (Photo by jbcurio via Flickr)

Wow!  I can't believe the nerve of some agencies and companies looking for freelancers these days.  Most are amazing, 100% legit, and willing to play by the rules of the writing world.  And then you have this guy....

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Memorial Day Birdhouse

Sometimes, you just have to take a break from putting up fence, mowing, and tending the garden to get creative with your kids.  Sam took Memorial Day with the boys to resurrect a roofless old birdhouse we found on the property when we moved in.  The boys have anxiously been waiting for the painting portion of the project, but first there was much sanding, cutting, and hammering to be done.  In the meantime, Sam put together some creatively-cut wood scraps so the boys could "build" while they waited: