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Job Searching and the Concept of "Love at First Site"

 (Hubby and I at our wedding many years ago.)

Like human relationships, freelancing relationships can blossom from a chance encounter.  Whether it be a job site, Craigslist, or a referral from an editor, it can be tempting to immediately assign potential to a job.  It may be love at first sight (or in the case of online content: site), or it may not be.

What's the difference?  What are the consequences of making that determination?
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Does a Garden Really Save Money?

I have heard endless discussion on the financial merits of a garden.  Many claim that you end up spending more on a summer veggie garden than you could ever hope to recoup.  While it is possible to go overboard and suffer a miserable harvest -- this is the exception, and not the rule.  We have found it very reasonable to put together a small garden with just what we want in it, for just a few dollars out of pocket!
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Publishing Notes for July 4th, 2010

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