Fiverr Says: You Can Haz Job for 5$

As a freelancer, it sometimes gets frustrating to be continually undercut on projects by people who offer cut-throat pricing that NO self-respecting writer can compete with. On one hand: you get what you pay for. On the other hand: it takes attention away from those who are out there offering a great service. While most companies who choose to hire a writer for $3 or less an hour will find that the content is lacking, just the fact that they passed you over for such a provider can waste your time and theirs (and wastes money, as well.)

That's why the Beta launch of Fiverr is beginning to look like another outlet for low-budget content providers to spam up the boards with their offers. I found out about this site in the recent issue of Woman's Day, which boasted they could share "12 Ways to Make Money at Home." Fiverr's premise is to allow service providers to advertise their talents for $5 a job (with Fiverr taking $1 of that for their fee.)

I suppose that there are all kinds of things that you could reasonably to do $5 (or $4, rather) and make a profit: 2 brilliant Facebook postings, a quick search for the most fascinating ice cream flavor, or provide advice on which pair of shoes looks more "hot." Writing a set of 20 articles or providing 2 hours of virtual assistance services, however, are not what I consider reasonable -- for $5, anyway.

Take a look at this listing from the website:

I will your virtual assistant and can do any type of Data Entry work like typing document, post to blogs, send email, synchronization of files, merging, editing, facebook interactions, search online information, run data processing etc. any kind of data entry work just for $5 for 2 hours.

Really? Just $5?

It seems like any company who indulges in this should be getting paid by the service provider -- just to correct their grammar.

And check out the stock photo of the really cute VA.  Wouldn't you want her working for you?

Share your experiences with sites like Fiverr.  Is it possible to make anything from a site that offers an original 2-minute marketing video, 2K new Twitter followers, or a package of 15 PLR pieces for just $4?  (And how many people could possibly offer to sing "Happy Birthday" for a small fee -- on one website?)


Aymeric | August 21, 2010 at 6:01 PM

On most crowdsourcing sites, the freelancer is the one who is losing. He has to cut his wages to compete with freelancers from cheaper countries.

I have created TaskArmy keeping this fact in mind. Although I originally got some ideas from fiverr, TaskArmy has been designed from the start to better respect both clients AND freelancers (like I mention in the About us page, freelancers are often losing in the crowdsourcing game).

The fixed-price services cost $99 which allow freelancers from more expensive countries to list their services too.

sam | August 21, 2010 at 10:12 PM

If I may make a suggestion to Aymeric regarding improvements for this kind of site. There needs to be a way to rate qualified applicants. I think of the differences between and its competitors. Ratings and reviews are what make a premium service. Simply asking for a writing sample and critiquing basic grammar and spelling rating A-C for instance.

RACNicole | September 2, 2010 at 9:47 PM

Hi Linsey,

Great article. From what I've researched, most of the "success" at Fiverr occurs via silly jobs (such as singing a song while standing on one's head) or from automated software tasks. It's just not appropriate for serious jobs that have serious consequences when they're not meticulously excuted.

At vWorker, the company I work through, jobs are screened through a project wizard which demonstrates just how complex an outsourced project can be and why it must be carefully thought out. I'm afraid that without standard outsourcing considerations, people who demand more than silly or automated material from sites like Fiverr are bound to be disappointed.

Linsey - Editor | September 2, 2010 at 10:02 PM

Wonderful insights, everyone!

Anonymous | December 23, 2010 at 1:48 AM

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