Hold Off On Heating.... A Little Bit Longer

Wow!  The cold winds blowing outside is leading me to believe that there will be little official "fall" this year.  We did get a few rakings in (less for the leaves, and more for the "clean up" of all the free-range animals we have clamouring about the yard.  We have a goat who refuses to stay penned up.)

The kids have been taught that raking the yard weekly is akin to a good floor vacuuming.  I have enjoyed getting out there to oversee the activity, and we take the big piles of leaves and other waste and deposit them under the apple tree via our wheelbarrow. (Except for the pine needles.  Those are bad for tree roots.)

It has just been a week since I filmed this, but it's already a warm memory compared to the chilly gusts that whip through the trees and around our door.

We will try to keep the heat off a little longer.  With our new attic insulation and the replacement of a few windows and the addition of an interior door, I believe we can survive with sleeping hats, electric blankets, and the sunshine for at least another couple weeks!

Are you in the same boat?  Looking to hold off on starting up the wood stove or kicking on the furnace?  Our winter warming tips are perfect for the frugalist who can tough it out!


Jonathan Trott | June 19, 2012 at 3:09 AM
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