Bringing Rabbit Back

Growing up, we ate rabbit.  I don't remember it much, but my parents are once again raising the little critters to supplement their food supply.  Seeing the fat, fuzzy creatures in a cage one day -- then in a jar the next -- can be a little shocking at first.  But they sure do taste good!

My dad brought over a freshly-killed rabbit this week, and I was a bit uncertain what to do with the thing.  He informed me that it was a bit mature, meaning it could be tough or gamey.  I did what I always do with meat that isn't of the tender kind, and tossed it into a crockpot with some water.  (I also tried some new Lawhorn's Seasoning).  After 11 hours of slow-cooking, I picked off the meat and put it in the fridge overnight.

The next day I whipped up this little number:  Rabbit Pot Pie

A simple recipe with gravy made from the rabbit cooking juices, a cup of milk, and flour (plus the rabbit meat and a bag of steamed mixed veggies), I topped it off with a pre-made pie crust and let it bake.  It rocked!  (And tasted like chicken, too.)

I probably won't trade in all my recipes for rabbit, but it was fun to try it out and have it taste good.  Now I have least one way to serve it up to the family without too many questions or disapproving looks.  (Yes, my kids do know that they are eating rabbit.... and they are OK with it.)

Do you have any game or homesteading meat stories to share?


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