How Can You Spot a Work at Home Job Scam?

(Photo by El Clinto via Flickr)

I get several emails a month from wonderful people just trying to make ends meet.  Many of them have read about my work as a freelancer and blogger in magazines. (All You did a wonderful feature on my family this year.)  They write to me with questions on how to get started, and some of them even have a "program" in mind that they think will help them in their success.  What do I tell those who come to me with a sure-fire way to excel?  I point them to my tips for spotting work at home job scams!

While I can't reprint the article it its entirety here, I can share some main points of the piece, useful for anyone who wants to make money blogging, writing, or doing virtually anything from home:
  • Avoid programs that come to you unsolicited through email, phone, or postal mail
  • Stay away from bold promises, delivered by landing pages
  • Limited time + limited offers = limited success
  • Google searches come up bad.... really bad
  • Any monkey can do the job?  Probably not worth it.
  • No one has succeeded.... yet.. so what makes you think that you can?
The bottom line on any work-at-home job program is simple:  hard work, some of your own resources, and skill are all necessary to make it fly.  If someone promises otherwise -- RUN!  Read the entire article on my red flags for work from home programs, to learn more!


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