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The Big Snow

The first big snow of the year!  Watch our blizzard of 2010....

This puppy took the trash cans across the yard, the blades off our decorative windmill, and left lots of ice on the power lines.  We kept our power, though!
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Bringing Rabbit Back

Growing up, we ate rabbit.  I don't remember it much, but my parents are once again raising the little critters to supplement their food supply.  Seeing the fat, fuzzy creatures in a cage one day -- then in a jar the next -- can be a little shocking at first.  But they sure do taste good!
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Either? Or? The Survey Dilemma

If you were to ask me if I was a stay-at-home Mom or a full-time professional, I would not hesitate to say "both."  Unfortunately, most marketing companies disagree with my ability to do both.

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How Can You Spot a Work at Home Job Scam?

(Photo by El Clinto via Flickr)

I get several emails a month from wonderful people just trying to make ends meet.  Many of them have read about my work as a freelancer and blogger in magazines. (All You did a wonderful feature on my family this year.)  They write to me with questions on how to get started, and some of them even have a "program" in mind that they think will help them in their success.  What do I tell those who come to me with a sure-fire way to excel?  I point them to my tips for spotting work at home job scams!
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Competition Vs. Collaboration (Notes from the IBlog Conference)

 (They are brothers, but will they share their onion rings?)

It's been awhile since we shared any freelance tips here, but for good reason:  I recently spoke at the iBlog Conference in Perry, Iowa, and in addition to meeting some outstanding bloggers, I was able to share my thoughts on Competition and Collaboration in the social media space.  If you missed it, here are my notes from the topic: