Chick in a Box

The farmer has a good heart.. especially when it comes to chickens.  The kind creatures give us eggs, keep the bugs at bay, and are otherwise fine farm companions.  They don't take to the cold well, however, and we try to have them stay inside as much as possible when temps are below 30.   Today, farmer found a hen that had managed to remain outside for over 24 hours while the rest were cooped up.  (They sometimes try to roost in the trees at night, and this was an attempt to keep from having to go back in during our last warm spell.)  She was cold, hungry, and had lost much of her comb.  The other chickens had sensed her weakness and were ready to take her apart.  Farmer brought her in for some TLC...

We put together a box (the only one we had left from our recent garage purge) with some newspaper on the bottom, a few leftover pancakes, and a small bowl of water held in place with a large binder clip.  It was definitely a sight, and she was sticking her head out of the hole to check on things while we got her settled.  She ended up in the bathroom, as it was the quietest spot in the house overnight, very warm, and a place I felt could be sanitized easiest after the stay.  She turned around a few times and began cooing as she fluffed up her feathers to take a nap.

(I tried getting a photo of her, but she wasn't cooperating. I'm hoping her stubbornness and appetite for pancakes is a sign that she will be strong enough for us to turn her out with the others tomorrow.)  Here's hoping she has a nice rest!


AD | February 12, 2011 at 8:47 AM

Some chickens manage to live alone, oddly enough. There was a chicken that appeared in my parents' neighborhood a couple of years ago, roosted in a local tree, and escaped an attack by a dog. The neighbors all fed her bird seed and corn and liked listening to her clucking.

Some man came and claimed her as his own a few months into her stay. I'm not sure if she really was his, or ended up as dinner.

ponydriver | February 12, 2011 at 2:24 PM

We will be getting some chicks in March. I hope they can take this cold weather.

Linsey | February 18, 2011 at 3:04 PM

We love our chickens. Hoping to have more babies this spring! Thanks for the comments ;)

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