Sometimes, Farm Livin' Stinks

Not a puppy horror show... just Gilbert.
If you've never witnessed the odor of a freshly-sprayed pet by a wild skunk, you're super-lucky.  Our rat terrier came into the house this weekend after an altercation one of the animals.  He wasn't hurt, except for his pride and possibly the tear glands of his eyes, which were running from the strong spray.  We didn't catch it at first, as he strolled right through the entryway into my daugther's room (who was soundly sleeping).  I was talking to my husband when a sickening smell filled my nostrils, causing my stomach to do a sort of flip-flop, and I knew we were in trouble.


We got my daughter out of bed, and tossed little Gilbert back outside for the night.  (It was warm on that evening, and he had his house and our Great Pyr to keep him company.)  Yucky.

4 days and two baths later (one with tomato juice), he is almost tolerable.  He seems to keep finding the spot where the skunk did his business, so we're finding that the smell comes back from time to time.  As you can see from the photo above, he's learned to take his baths quite well.  Here's to a few months of no more skunk.  Those critters are awful to get out of the couch upholstery!


Jonathan Trott | June 19, 2012 at 3:05 AM
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