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Two Yolks are Better Than One

Today I was sorting the eggs for cartoning, when I came across a rather long one (see the warped looking one at the top).  Sometimes, this can mean there are actually TWO yolks within the one egg.  We took bets on whether there would be.
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Introducing... Peanut!

My kids were blessed to see baby goats born at my parents' house yesterday, but after we had gone home, a surprise little birth from another expecting Mama goat was revealed to the world.  This little "Peanut" as my mom calls her, was born so tiny, they weren't sure she would survive.  And while she still has a fight ahead of her, she has already won the battle for my kids' hearts.
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Do You AeroGrow?

In theory, the AeroGarden is brilliant.  This little grow-light is actually a self-contained growing station.  It provides water, a small amount of soil, nutrients, and perfectly oxygenated water.  It also looks cool.
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Following in My Footsteps

It was a beautiful day for a walk today.  While breezy, the air was crisp and the sun was warm.  We heard jets overhead, geese calling in the distance, and the giggles from the kids as they skipped along our gravel road to a visit to Grandma's house (who lives next door.)