Do You AeroGrow?

In theory, the AeroGarden is brilliant.  This little grow-light is actually a self-contained growing station.  It provides water, a small amount of soil, nutrients, and perfectly oxygenated water.  It also looks cool.

I got one for my daughter for Christmas, hoping to grow a small tomato plant before tomato season.  Setup was a breeze, and the thing turns itself on and off according to schedule.  It even alerts you to things like the water level getting low, the time to add nutrients, and when the bulbs need changing.  It makes a low humming sounds at all times, which is strangely soothing.  The light is super bright (not appropriate for a bedroom), but it takes up little space.

Here is our tomato after just 2 weeks from the time we planted it from a seed.  The seed kit actually produced 4 tomato seedlings from the one pod, so we had to cut 3 of them. Germination took a striking 2 days.

Anyone want to hedge a bet as to whether this thing will actually produce fruit?  Check back in 4-6 weeks for the update.


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