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Lil' Farmers (and Freelancers) In Training

What do I do with my kids while I'm writing in the mornings?

If' it's nice outside, I send them out with only their imaginations and some (kid-safe) farm tools to keep them busy.  Even the youngest gets in on the action:

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Slow Jams

The freelance business has been a bit slow here, and that's been a blessing (considering all the flood nonsense that's been happening.)  We have decided to move most things back onto the homestead, and are back into full swing with the garden, yard, and animals.
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It's Not Too Late for a Garden!

We thought we were really behind the 8-ball this year.  We hadn't planted anything when we returned back from our family vacation the last week of May.  With the flooding upon us, however, I'm glad we had waited.  Just 11 days after planting most things from seed, we have this:

Beans in top row; Radishes on bottom

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The Big Flood of 2011

While we at the farm are safe, for now, many of our friends and family have left their homes in anticipation of the big flood.  With many more increases to the flow of the dams to be expected in the coming months, it is a waiting game.  Here are some photos of the road just a mile east of our home.  It is breathtaking to see the river choosing to go wherever it wants...