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If you hate spiders (like me), this post will either delight or disgust you.

We awoke a week or so ago to find the entire world was covered in spider webs.  My children discovered that their trikes and sandbox and our cars and even the garden was coated with a milky white webbing that seemed surreal and unlikely.  On top of these webs were hundreds of the tiniest baby spiders I had ever seen.  They were everywhere!

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5 Tips to Help You Freelance through Floods, Tornadoes and Other Natural Disasters

The following is a guest post from a good colleague, Thursday Bram.

I’ve freelanced through blizzards, brush fires, the first five seconds of an earthquake and a few other natural disasters. I haven’t worked through a hurricane yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

Getting the work done at those times is generally surprisingly easy — but the mechanics of actually handling clients and other details can be a big problem. Losing power means something very different when you live in the heart of a big city and when you live out where a county is the main authority. At a minimum, it can mean a couple of days difference in how quickly your power is restored. Internet access can be similarly problematic right after a natural disaster.

Clients can be fairly easy to deal with when there’s such problems, provided you can keep them updated. That means that setting up plans ahead of time can be crucial. These tips have helped me keep my client list intact through everything Mother Nature has thrown at me so far — and when that hurricane comes, I’ll be ready for it.
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Fall Happenings on the Knerl Farm

It's fall!  We are finally back to (somewhat) normal after our flooding scare.  While we are still without a few items (like bedroom furniture and a few larger farm equipment pieces), we have settled back into a normal routine.

This autumn, some things are just like every year.  But some things are not.

The kids are enjoying the outdoors.  This is typical.