Fall Happenings on the Knerl Farm

It's fall!  We are finally back to (somewhat) normal after our flooding scare.  While we are still without a few items (like bedroom furniture and a few larger farm equipment pieces), we have settled back into a normal routine.

This autumn, some things are just like every year.  But some things are not.

The kids are enjoying the outdoors.  This is typical.

Having to share the toys with a new baby goat, however, isn't typical.

The falling leaves are par for the course.

Picking late harvests from our garden full of dead leaves, however, isn't.

A lemon cucumber hanging out with a pepper.

What will we do with all these green tomatoes?  

How is your fall shaping up?  Do you find that it's a standard autumn?  Or are there some quirks that you are trying to deal with?


Anonymous | October 8, 2011 at 2:03 PM

I can give you a recipe for green tomato jam...
:) Sarah Dale (Madarassy)

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