If you hate spiders (like me), this post will either delight or disgust you.

We awoke a week or so ago to find the entire world was covered in spider webs.  My children discovered that their trikes and sandbox and our cars and even the garden was coated with a milky white webbing that seemed surreal and unlikely.  On top of these webs were hundreds of the tiniest baby spiders I had ever seen.  They were everywhere!

Convinced that we were living in some kind of spider apocalypse, I reminded the children to keep the doors to the house shut tight.  I did NOT want those baby spiders to get into the house where they could grow up into big spiders.

And now for the delightful part (in my opinion):   It rained.

A light sprinkle came up from nowhere, and -- with the sun still shining -- took out all the spiders and webs.

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out."

It's almost Halloween.  Do you have any autumn spider stories to share?


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