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Publishing Notes for January 2011

Arr, Matey's!
We had some great new clients added to our new year, which means the writing projects have been MORE than plentiful.  Here are a few of the articles that we are most proud of... enjoy!
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Surprise and Loss on the Farm

Sometimes, even farming as a hobby can be filled with sorrow.

Our daughter came running into the house on Saturday morning, yelling "Maggie had a baby!"  We didn't even know that our beautiful Dexter cow (shown in the picture to the right of our website) had been pregnant.  She miscarried with her first calf last winter, and hadn't shown signs of getting any love from her beau "Elvis" in months.  We assumed that she just couldn't get pregnant.

We were wrong.
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Can You Detect an Affiliate Job Scam?

 (I'm training my kids up NOT to be schmucks.)

Craiglist has jobs. This I don't deny. But the hack jobs are becoming more irritating than normal, due in part to pathetic affiliate marketers trying to score my sign-ups for some quick cash. And they have gotten better at what they do (unfortunately.) What's the scheme? Read up and be amazed: