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Late Night Supper of Muffins and Eggs

Sometimes, our best laid plans get really messed up.  With a crying baby, another sleepless night, and our number one helper (our daughter) gone for the weekend, things were rather unstructured today.  We did get quite a bit done INSIDE the house, including washing and boxing up over 6 dozen eggs from the past two days.  I also cleaned out the fridge and found a portion of a box of blueberries that needed to be used TODAY.  Both treats inspired a late night supper fit for a king (or queen).

Our fresh eggs waiting to be cooked up next to our steaming hot fresh muffins:

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Is Writing For Search (Alone) Without Value?

UPDATE: See the leaked AOL business plan at Business Insider for some very revealing (and disturbing) information on how freelancers are being dealt with.  

It's been a quickly changing world for freelancers.  Sites like AOL, Yahoo, and others have consolidated with previously high-paying media outlets and have turned to their existing pool of freelancers to keep them in content.  For someone like me, who has happily worked for freelance site AOL Seed and similar others, I thought that this could be a good opportunity to pad my earnings with some straightforward SEO pieces that could be fun to write.  What I didn't expect is the new trend of offering practically nothing to the reader and writer in exchange to many words and click-throughs.

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Down to the Swimming Hole, i.e. the Front Yard

Brutal cold one week.. swimming in the melted snow the next. Isn't Nebraska weather crazy? (Music credit: http://www.danosongs.com/)  Sorry it's not in hi-def this time.. I grabbed the first video camera I could when I saw the action!

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Chick in a Box

The farmer has a good heart.. especially when it comes to chickens.  The kind creatures give us eggs, keep the bugs at bay, and are otherwise fine farm companions.  They don't take to the cold well, however, and we try to have them stay inside as much as possible when temps are below 30.   Today, farmer found a hen that had managed to remain outside for over 24 hours while the rest were cooped up.  (They sometimes try to roost in the trees at night, and this was an attempt to keep from having to go back in during our last warm spell.)  She was cold, hungry, and had lost much of her comb.  The other chickens had sensed her weakness and were ready to take her apart.  Farmer brought her in for some TLC...
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What We're Reading: Publish Your Nonfiction Book

It became very apparent to me about 4 weeks ago that I was going to write a nonfiction book.  While I'll leave the topic of the book a secret for now, it's something that I would consider myself to be an expert in, and there are very few books on the market that even touch the topic in the manner I'm proposing.  I have had some experience with the proposal process via my involvement in Wise Bread's 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, but because I was starting this book from scratch (i.e., not based on blog posts), I had some work ahead of me.
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Sometimes, Farm Livin' Stinks

Not a puppy horror show... just Gilbert.
If you've never witnessed the odor of a freshly-sprayed pet by a wild skunk, you're super-lucky.  Our rat terrier came into the house this weekend after an altercation one of the animals.  He wasn't hurt, except for his pride and possibly the tear glands of his eyes, which were running from the strong spray.  We didn't catch it at first, as he strolled right through the entryway into my daugther's room (who was soundly sleeping).  I was talking to my husband when a sickening smell filled my nostrils, causing my stomach to do a sort of flip-flop, and I knew we were in trouble.