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Can't Compete? Be Unique!

I used to play a game in my freelance blogging career called "beat the keyword." I would find out what keywords were driving traffic to competitor's blogs, and write better articles then they did based on those words.  I thought, "Hey, if I have a better Google Page Rank, use clear titles, and actually answer people's questions, I can't lose!"

Turns out, I did lose.
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Friend or Foe? How Competitors can Earn you Cash

(Photo by MartinEric via Flickr)

It's been awhile since we blogged about freelancing.  This is because the farming part of our operation has taken up so much time!  We'll be catching you up on our garden and the birth of a new goat kid soon.  In the meantime, here is a quick tip on how to use your competitors to earn you MORE money!